Christmas Little Worship Time Devotional - The Wise Men

Throughout Advent we're gearing up to celebrate Christmas with a series of 4 themed Little Worship Time devotionals. Designed for you to lead as part of your Sunday School, within an all-age kids ministry slot, or at home with your family they are the perfect way to introduce the characters and themes of the Christmas story to your little worshippers. 

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Have you ever found something in an unusual place? What was it?

(You might want to share a story from your own experience of finding something somewhere surprising.)

Throughout Advent, we’re meeting some of the characters from the Christmas story. This week, we meet some very grand and important men who came on a long, LONG journey to meet the new king, Jesus. But they didn’t find him where they thought he would be. In fact, they found the baby king somewhere they NEVER would have imagined! Let’s watch a story inspired by Matthew 2:1-12 to find out more about the Wise Men’s story…


‘Bible Time: Star Guide’



What a great story! The Bible says that Wise Men from the East spotted a new, BRIGHT star in the sky. They knew that this star meant that a new king had been born. So they packed up their things, and some pretty AWESOME presents, and went to pay their respects at the King’s palace in Jerusalem. But when they arrived, they didn’t find a new baby there – only a lot of confused faces, and a VERY unhappy King Herod!

It’s an understandable mistake. After all, where else would you expect to find a king but in a palace? But while the Wise Men were wondering where to go next, God sent a star to show them the way. The Bible says they were ‘overjoyed’ to see the star, and they followed it until they reached the place where the baby Jesus was. Just imagine the scene! These finely-dressed, grand men, with their HUGE camels laden with HEAPS of golden treasure and precious spices… standing at the door of an ordinary house, in an ordinary street, in an ordinary town – where they would meet God’s Son Jesus, the King of Kings.

This year has been quite an unusual one, to say the least! We might not have been able to go to the places we usually go, or do the things we might usually do. We may not have been able to go to church – a place where we are used to meeting God. But the Christmas story reminds us that God loves to meet us in all kinds of surprising ways. God isn’t only found in special places. He comes to meet us in ordinary, every-day ones too. As we reach the end of this year, perhaps we can look back and see how God has been with us, helping us or guiding us in ways we would never have imagined - and, just like the Wise Men, feel the amazing JOY that comes from knowing that, wherever we may be, God is right beside us.



Dear Father God,

Thank you that You SEE us. Thank you that You LOVE us. And thank you that You are always, ALWAYS with us.

This Advent, help us to see You – as the Wise Men did all those years ago – so that we can be amazed again at Your wonderful goodness and love, today and always.


Keep and eye out next week for the second in our series of Bible Time Christmas devotionals. In the meantime, if you're looking for the perfect present for the young person in your life then hop over to our shop for some great value gift ideas! 


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