Christmas Little Worship Time Devotional - God's Story

Throughout Advent we're gearing up to celebrate Christmas with a series of 4 themed Little Worship Time devotionals. Designed for you to lead as part of your Sunday School, within an all-age kids ministry slot, or at home with your family they are the perfect way to introduce the characters and themes of the Christmas story to your little worshippers. 

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PREPARATION: Before you begin, have two boxes prepared – one full of traditional Christmas decorations (e.g. tinsel, baubles for the tree, lights, cake toppers, etc.) and one full of birthday decorations (e.g. balloons, birthday candles, ‘Happy Birthday’ signs/bunting).


Put your hand up if you have decorated your house for Christmas?

It’s not long now until Christmas Day and I really need to get ready! I have some boxes of decorations here – let’s see what’s inside…

(Take out decorations from the ‘Christmas’ box one at a time. Ask the children what they are and if they have something like it in their house?)

I’ve got some more things inside this box that I could use… Shall we take a look inside?

(Take out decorations from the ‘birthday’ box. Ask the children what they are, and when you might usually use these decorations.)

We usually get this box out of the cupboard when somebody is celebrating a birthday. And Christmas is a time when we celebrate the birthday of somebody VERY special – Jesus! Let’s hear the story of when Jesus was born now…



‘Bible Time: The Baby King is Here!’




I love birthdays, don’t you? They’re a chance to show the people closest to us how much we love them, and how HAPPY we are that they’re in the world! At Christmas time, we celebrate the day Jesus was born over two thousand years ago. Take a moment to think about that. TWO THOUSAND YEARS is a REALLY long time! So what is it about Jesus that makes him SO special that we celebrate his birthday so many years later?

The angels in the Christmas story tell us the answer. The Bible says that on the night Jesus was born, there were some shepherds out in the fields nearby. They were looking after their sheep, just as they always did, when – out of nowhere – an angel appeared. The shepherds were TERRIFIED! But the angel told them NOT to be afraid, because they had EXCITING news – news that would make every person who heard it HAPPY beyond their wildest dreams! A baby had been born – one who had come from heaven to be their SAVIOUR. Just as the angel finished speaking, the sky suddenly filled with EVEN MORE angels – every single one of them SINGING and DANCING and PRAISING God. Can you imagine it? Talk about a party!

Birthdays are great. But, as the angels remind us, the birthday at the heart of the Christmas story is the most AWESOME birthday in ALL of HISTORY. Why? Because, on that starlit night two thousand years ago, the GREAT BIG God of the Universe came into this world as a tiny baby. Isn’t that WONDERFUL? In Jesus, God Himself came from heaven to earth to meet us face to face. To show us HOW MUCH He loves us in person. And – as we remember at Easter – to make a way for us to know Him and His big, BIG love for us FOREVER. Because of Jesus, we can be friends of God. No wonder heaven threw a party that night! News like this is worth celebrating – not just at Christmas, but EVERY DAY and for all eternity.



Dear Father God,

Thank you for Christmas. Thank you for parties and presents and family and friends and food!

But thank you most of all for JESUS. Thank you that, because Jesus came into our world at Christmastime all those years ago, we can meet You and know You as our friend – TODAY and FOREVERMORE.


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